Car Search Motability – Selections as Per Need

Car Search Motability – Selections as Per Need

There are different varieties of cars available, and one can use the car search motability function tool in different automobile websites to buy the perfect car. Some of the types of cars are mentioned below –

Smaller Cars 

These cars come with low advance payments, have fewer running costs, and are environmentally conscious. Usually, smaller cars carry 2-3 doors that are wide in dimension. This is why access to the front seats becomes easier.

Medium Sized Cars 

The majority of the cars of this size are hatchback models, which provide much bigger boot space than a normal-looking small car. This type of model makes it easy to access, and carrying mobility equipment around can be pretty useful on a day-to-day basis.

Family Cars 

As its name suggests, these types of cars will be bigger compared to medium-sized cars with more boot space and are easier to access the rear seats. These cars come 4 door and 5-door saloons with outdated boot space and hatchbacks with unified boot and rear window, respectively.

Estate Cars 

It is normally a sleek version of a basic automobile. The car provides a huge boot area for having all the required aids and others for the car. These cars don’t look anything like an SUV/MPV as the extra bulk is removed to give it a modern look.

Car Search SUV 

These types of cars were designed as smaller SUVs, known as crossovers. They looked like the integration of an old-style SUV and a normal car, and it offered the same-old high driving position and off-road styling, which is now found in larger SUVs. But nowadays many come with 2-wheel drive.


 Multi-purpose vehicles can have around nine people inside the car, indicating that these cars offer a much bigger area (boot space) than other cars. They also contain more legroom and headroom for travelers, with sliding doors as an extra feature.

Coupes and Convertibles 

Coupes are the type of automobiles that are smaller in size and have sport-looking exteriors. Normally, 2 or 4 people can be seated at a time, and they don’t come with much boot space. At the same time, convertibles carry an option to retract the car roof, which gives an open-air driving experience. Lastly, they also tend to have smaller boot space because of the detachable roof.

Several options are available under the car search motability tool to find the perfect fit like the types mentioned above.